Monday June 14th between 6:30am to 4pm EST at The FederalCourt House 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Anyone wishing to help out educate individuals on being a fully informed juror, please join us. You can contact me at or call me on 727.386.9192. I am also on facebook and you can also join the FIJA Florida facebook group

The Biggest & Most Powerful Law Enforcement Agency In The United States Has The Absolute, Non-Negotiable Power To Ignore Laws, Judges & Prosecutors, To Keep People Out Of Prison, To Make Any Jury Trial Come Out The Way They Want It, & To Make The Government Honest.

What is This Agency?

The Fully Informed Jury, And Thats YOU!

Thursday June 10th 2010 we returned to the Federal Court House in Fort Lauderdale Florida to continue handing out FIJA information. I decided to take some picture of us handing out information to people going to the court house. One of the guards took a disliking to us doing this and asked me to go over to the other side of the road. He directed us to the sidewalk that I was previously told I was not permitted to use. He then told me that we can not hand out information and we can not take photographs of the Federal Court House building. I explained that I had already talked to Jason the supervisor of the Federal Marshals and he had told me where I can and can not stand. The guard told me that he was going to go and talk to Jason and see about this.

I had an inclination to what was going to happen next so Greg an I went around to the front of the church on East Broward Blvd.

Around the corner came Jason the supervisor accompanied with a female, who later we find out her name to be Patricia Clark (Jason’s Boss). As they walk around on the opposite side of the road, Patricia pulls out either a camera phone or a camera and starts taking photos. They proceed to the steps where they start to make phone calls. Within five minutes a police car arrives and they start talking to the police. Patricia and the police officer walk over to where Greg and I are standing.

Patricia asks me “what are you doing?“ I explained educating people on jury duty. The police officer said “Don’t you think that the Judge can do that?” To which I replied “I don’t know I am not in the court house.” She told me that she was Jason’s boss and wanted to know if we have been taking photographs of the Federal Court House. The police officer asked us for our ID’s, which we complied. Patricia asked if she could have some of the information that we were handing out, which I gave her. She told me that it is illegal to take photographs of a Federal Building. I said that we were not taking photos of the Federal Building we were taking photo’s of one another handing information to interested parties. Greg told them that it’s his first amendment right to hand out information and the police officer laughed.

During the day we handed out 132 pieces of literature to people heading toward the court house from the parking lot and other areas on the opposite side of the road near the court house.

We plan to be back on Monday June 14th between 6:30am and 4pm EST at The Federal Court House 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Anyone wishing to help out educate individuals on being fully informed jurors, please join us. You can contact me at or call me on 727.386.9192. I am also on facebook and you can also join the FIJA Florida facebook group

On Tuesday June 8, 2010 I was initiated into the FIJA association as with a baptism by fire: I met in person with James Cox on the steps of the Federal Court house in Fort Lauderdale with one objective: to educate individuals of the power they wield when selected to serve on a jury. One of the interesting things to note was that the government stopped our First Amendment as soon as we arrived at site by falsifying the city plat and claiming that the Federal Government owns the side walks in front of the Federal Building in the city of Fort Lauderdale. We will, upon direct first hand research determine the validity of the top security guard’s words. It is a bogus claim but the next time we approach the site for our work we will have documentation to prove the officer our right to stand on city property. End of discussion.

James and I proceeded to distribute fliers while standing “on city property” across the street and were able to inform 157 people in an 8 hour day. Several were actually quite interested in the topic and stopped their busy day to become informed. For those few people with whom I spoke the whole day became a success. I look forward to more involvement in direct communication with the people of this locality in informing the populations of their personal power to over turn bogus claims and over reaching statutes by the Federal Government.

Today was a good day, a good start for the FIJA campaign down at the Federal court house in the Fort Lauderdale Florida.

I was met with opposition at the Federal Court House at East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale Florida; it appeared that they knew why I was there.  I explained that all I wanted to know was where I can stand to give out information. The supervisor told me that I could not hand out FIJA literature on the sidewalk directly outside the court building. His argument was that the building and the sidewalk belonged to the federal court house and they have the right to refuse information to be handed out.
I was informed that I could stand across the street, where the church is and across on the other side of East Broward Blvd.

I met with a facebook friend of mine Willi Greg who had agreed the day before to join the cause and help spread the message of FIJA.  We handed out 157 flyers to people that were coming out of a parking garage heading to the court house.  On water breaks and lunch two business owners agreed to take FIJA information and have it on their counters for their customers.

Before leaving Fort Lauderdale we stopped by the city planner’s office to see if we could get a map of the city boundaries.  We met with a very friendly gentleman that will be getting back in contact with us to let us know when this information will be available.

On Thursday June 10th 2010 at 8am the handing out of information continues, we will return to the Federal Court House in Fort Lauderdale to carry on distributing the FIJA information.

If anyone can help out or knows of anyone that can help hand out information, please join Willi and I, or contact me at 727.386.9192 or via email at

On Tuesday June 8th I Will Be Handing Out FIJA Information At The Federal Court House In Fort Lauderdale. If Any One Who Lives In Fort Lauderdale or Broward County Would Like To Help, By Either Handing Out Info or Taking Pictures/Video Please Join Me.  If you have any friends or family that can help out with this cause please have them message me on facebook or email me at or they can call me on 727.386.9192.

Thank you ~ James! = )

Hello Freedom Lovers!

First of all I would like to thank The Fully Informed Jury Association

for choosing me for the position of  Community Organizer, Campaign Leader in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Advocating freedom is a great passion of mine and we can only do this through educating individuals freely, and that is why I accepted this position.

For those of you that do not know me, I support the rights of the Individual, and that each individual owns their own life.  To deny this right is to imply that another person has a higher claim on your life than you have.  No other person, or group of persons, owns your life nor do you own the lives of others.

It is my mission to try and make sure that every individual  in Fort Lauderdale is armed with the information, and educational resources needed to be a Fully Informed Juror.

When you sit on a jury in a criminal trial, you have the right to vote according to your conscience, no matter what the judge says about the law.  As a juror, you are the final safeguard for justice.

My tasks will also include setting up community and college groups, holding meetings and will consist of being active outside the Federal Court building in Fort Lauderdale.  Please follow me on twitter for my activity at:

Anyone wishing to help out with this around Fort Lauderdale or online please email me at

I hope that you as an individual, will help this cause and inform others about FIJA and its purpose.

Check back here on a regular basis for updates on this campaign.

For Peace, Freedom and Prosperity,   James Cox