FIJA Activism, Florida Style

On April 2, 2010, in Misc, by FIJA

Over at the FIJA mothership, if you venture over to the activism section you’ll find five documents that are designed to help you be a better FIJA activist. Two of these, both PDFs, are of particular benefit to Floridians: Jury Nullification Handouts in Florida and Jury Nullification Activism in Florida.

The first is a memo by Circuit Court Judge David B. Eddy who weighs in favorably on jury nullification literature being handed out to jurors. I’ll be keeping a copy of this on me when I hand out literature near Florida Courtrooms.

The second is about Jury Nullification Activism in Florida by Dr. Robert Dreyfus from Marion County. From

The following flier, news release, letter to editor, talking points and information on how to deal with resistance gives everything you need to make a significant impact for freedom. Moreover, it only takes one hour/week of your time, very little energy or money to be successful.

If you need a PDF reader you can get on for free here.