I just received the following e-mail from FIJA activist Julian Heicklen who was recently featured on the cover of FIJA’s Newsletter, American Juror:

I will be passing out FIJA literature at U. S. District Courts if I can get two (or more) people to join me. One must have a video camera and take a movie. The other must have a clip board and take notes of the event. I will need these two people to be witnesses at any trial that might ensue if I am arrested.

I’m the volunteer who will be take video but we need as many volunteers as possible to show up to support Julian and his mission to inform jurors of their rights. Please contact Julian if you would like to volunteer.


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Other than perhaps the internet, there is no better place to ensure that jurors are fully informed than outside courthouses. We are working on putting together a list of Florida courts along with the times/days they select juries.

Here are some useful hints and suggestions on Handing out FIJA Literature Around Courthouses (PDF).

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On March 19, 2010, in Misc, by FIJA

We’re working behind the scenes to launch this new site dedicated to the men and women spreading the word about the power of juries to limit the power of government. Stay tuned and until then, check out the FIJA mothership.