The weather in Fort Lauderdale today was hot with a clear sky.

As usual I started off at the Federal courthouse distributing brochures to the people passing by.

On my way over to Florida Atlantic University I stopped by the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. I had previously dropped off the “Who Owns Your Body” brochure for the institute’s director to look at. The director was busy, however, so I left my business card and another brochure and asked that the director contact me. One of the interns called me over; she had overheard the conversation with the receptionist. She asked me for one of the brochures, and wanted to know what being a fully informed juror was all about. I explained the importance of jury duty, and how if one is summoned for jury duty, it is most important to go to court and try to serve on the jury. I went on to explain that while serving on the jury, it’s important to not only judge the facts, but the law itself. I explained to her that since there are that many bad laws, it’s only a matter of time before someone she knows is accused of a crime. I told her that while serving on a jury, if she felt that the law the defendant was charged with violating was bad or being misapplied, she could vote for a verdict of “not guilty,” without even having to give a reason why. Doing this would create a “hung jury,” I explained; so even if you are the only person voting not guilty, the judge will usually have to declare a mistrial and force the prosecutor to decide whether to try the defendant again or let them go free. The intern found this very interesting and a few others that were listening while working asked for brochures as well.

Next stop was the sidewalk outside Florida Atlantic University. I always try to arrive at noon, just as the students are going to lunch.

After FAU, I went over to the Broward County Courthouse, where people were lining up to get in.

While at the courthouse I received a call from fellow activist, Donald Sheldon. Don asked me if I was going to see the live Glenn Beck show, which was being broadcast to movie theaters. I saw this as an opportunity to get in front of a crowd that is not very happy with what is going on in the country.

Today between the Broward County Courthouse and FAU, I handed out approximately 450 brochures.

Movie Theater – Live Glenn Beck Show

I arranged to meet Don at the Regal Cinemas Cypress Creek and made a few phone calls to try to get other activists to the movie theater. Craig Toth and Alex Hasler joined Don and me. We sat in the back row in the movie theater with about 150 people. Before the show started we leaned forward with a handful of brochures and asked the person in front to take one and pass them along. After the show was finished we stayed late and collected the brochures that were not taken by attendees. Out of the approximately 150 we first distributed, we collected approximately 30 from the seats. Conclusion: Approximately 120 brochures were distributed at the Glenn Beck live show.

Total brochures distributed today: 570.  What a great day!

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