Fort Lauderdale FIJA Activist Chris Goldthorpe

Today I met fellow FIJA activist Chris Goldthorpe at the Federal courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Chris is involved with FIJA, because there are too many victim less crime laws on the books, and the government keeps making more of them.

We handed a brochure to a young gentleman outside the Federal courthouse. Once he had read it, he returned to us to tell us his thoughts.

He said “It’s a very helpful pamphlet.” “Because, it tells you that most judges will tell you that, you can only consider the facts and not use your conscience, to be able to come to a sound decision, you gotta be able to use your conscience, it just doesn’t make any sense.” Darnell was was thankful that we handed him the FIJA brochure – New True or False Brochure.

See what this young man had to say here in this video.

To Be Able To Come To A Sound Decision You Gotta Be Able To Use Your Conscience, Because It Does Not Make Any Sense.

Chris and I took an early lunch, then headed over to hand out brochures on the sidewalk outside FAU.

After the majority of students had gone to lunch, we headed over to the Broward County Court House SE 6th Street Fort Lauderdale Florida. Its always busy here, people lining up to pay speeding tickets and appearing before the judge for other victim less crimes.

After leaving the courthouse Chris viewed his thoughts on FIJA and its importance on video.

FIJA Activist Chris Goldthorpe Explains The Importance Of The Fully Informed Jury Association

Today was a good day for activism, Chris and I handed out approximately 530 brochures.

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